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Raising your children and helping them develop is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. But sometimes it can be difficult to keep kids engaged in activities that help them develop. So check out Monster Treehouse Club.

Targeted at children in preschool through the 4th grade, this book turns reading into an interactive activity by encouraging kids to become pen pals with the book characters.  Kids who are signed up will receive a weekly letter in the mail from their favorite character that is hand written and specifically meant for them. Benjamin Hall, the author of Monster Treehouse Club, interviewed over 400 moms and dads to see which issues they think their children need the most help addressing when writing the series.

There are a variety of packages to sign up for. The pen pal package goes for 10 dollars a month and includes a personalized letter every week from one of the characters or monsters in the book or DVD. Don’t worry as you can tell these are friendly monsters. Just imagine when you were a kid if you could have written back and forth with Big Bird or Pippi Longstocking.

Next there is the Scholar package for 30 dollars a month, which includes weekly letters as well as a book and activity book with pens and wristbands. The Prodigy package which goes for 40 dollars a month includes everything in the Scholar package plus a read along DVD starring the characters from the books and a 3D art project. Benjamin Hall and his wife ship out books, projects, DVDs and other goodies monthly for children to inspire them. They also have a blog for parents who need ideas for fun project and activities for their children.

Monster Treehouse Club has created a plethora of options for you and your child. If you want to learn more, visit