Pix-E5 – Videography Upgrade | NewsWatch Review

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Interested in videography? Cameras have advanced in quality in leaps and bounds over the last few years but one thing that fails to keep up is the in-camera video display. That’s why videographers use monitors. The Video Devices, introduced in 2011, came out with a new line of rack-mounted video recorders called the PIX-E series.

PIX-E5The PIX-E Series are a range of camera-mounted HDMI and SDI recording monitors that give videographers the ability to monitor and record video at a much higher resolution and quality than a typical camera. There are three models available for different cameras. Two 5 inch models perfect for small DSLR or mirrorless cameras, and a 7 inch, ideal for use with larger professional cameras.

The 5 inch PIX-Es are the most compact 4k recording monitors you’ll find out there. Their high resolution screen combined with their super cool TapZoom technology gives you fast and accurate focusing capabilities. All you have to do is tap the area of interest to zoom in and drag to follow a moving target.  The PIX-E’s also provide a full range of focus, exposure and framing tools but the real bonus feature is their ability to record 4k in super high quality Apple ProRes.

PiX-E’s are built to endure a demanding production environments as well with their die-cast metal chassis, nutted connectors, and scratch-resistant LCD by Gorilla Glass 2. VideoDevice’s innovations for the PIX-E Series have allowed for a more efficient production process in the media industry, and prove to be a time-saving, reliable product. Their goal is to provide top-notch, superb quality products that help AV professionals capture the clearest, most enjoyable media in the world.

This product goes on sale this summer and ranges in price from $1200 to $1600. You can find out more by heading over to videodevices.com.