AquaVault – Portable Outdoor Safe | NewsWatch Review

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Ever had the issue of not knowing what to do with your valuable belongings like your phone, your keys and your money while at the beach or pool? Most of us try and bundle them up in a t-shirt or stick them in our shoes and hope nobody snatches them. This common dilemma can be avoided with a product called AquaVault.

AquaVault is an outdoor safe (lock box) created with the vision of establishing a level of safety and comfort most vacationers want to experience while enjoying their time outdoors. The simple but highly effective product acts as an attachable safe with a 3-digit code for any belongings.

Made of high impact thermoplastic for durability, AquaVault can attach to any tubular object . This includes a beach or lawn chair, railing, stroller, bicycle, and so on. The size is perfect to fit all of your “can’t-do-without-objects” and with UV-inhibiting plastic, you won’t have to worry about them overheating.

Originally approved by the city of Miami Beach and still actively promoted there, they’re being used at hotels, waterparks, golf courses, casinos, dorm rooms, on boats and most of all at the beach or public pool. Most resorts in Miami’s South Beach currently rent AquaVault out to guests.

With the arrival of summer we highly recommend picking one up before you head out to the beach. You can purchase the patented AquaVault outdoor travel safe for $44.95 at their website.

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