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In this day and age, audio appliances should be at a much higher caliber than Walkman’s or Boomboxes. No one likes being stuck with a pair of bad headphones. Luckily the people over at Zorloo make audio quality products the right way.

ZorlooWith their innovative brand of digital headphones known as Z:ero, they’ve taken earphone audio quality to a whole new level. In fact, Zorloo has now made the switch from analog audio output to digital audio output possible. A recent trend has been the use of large, bulky audio converters connected to your headphones to increase audio quality. For obvious reasons it can be annoying.

Z:ero headphones plugs directly into your Android phone’s micro-USB port and avoids the use of large bulky converters. No more hassle. It then takes digital music and digital audio data and turns it into beautiful vibrant music – amplifying and increasing the enjoyment of the listener. They come in two different colors, red and gold with 3 control buttons for volume, play, pause or skip.

They are compatible with Android devices but soon we’ll see them released for iOS devices.  To get the best audio experience go online and purchase Z:ero headphones for $39 on amazon.com or check them out at their website today.

For more information, visit Zorloo.com.