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If you use public transportation you’ve probably experienced the agony of waiting on a platform or a street for a delayed train or bus. That does not have to be a problem or a worry anymore. Check out the app TravAlarm. This app is like a preemptive journey planner. With regular updates from public transit authorities you’ll know exactly where things stand and whether you should adjust your departure time or decide on a whole other mode of transportation to get to your destination.

When you do finally make it on your bus or train an alarm will wake you up or alert you when you are arriving at your destination. No more sleeping through your stop and winding up in the middle of nowhere. TravAlarm’s creator, Arka Bala designed data systems that power the app with delay info, which is not available in Google or Apple journey planners.

It currently works best in New York City with the subway, bus and train routes and will soon work with rest of the US transport networks. During your journey you can also use TravAlarm to listen to the radio or to your favorite songs while it continues to advise you of any upcoming delays. And as most commuters love their morning coffee TravAlarm partners with local establishments to give you rewards like a cup of coffee. Right now if you’re using the app and you’re close to an Oren’s cafe you’ll get a free cup o’ joe.

If you want to learn more go to or download it for free on iOS and Android devices in your app store today.