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It’s summer time and the living’s easy. However, if you’re gardening that may not be the case. With overweight tools that seem like they’re designed for big burly construction workers, you are probably tired of aching muscles and sore hands. Fortunately, there’s a new line of gardening sheers designed for women as an easy-to-use alternative to generic tools called the Woman’s Pro line.

Wildflower Seed and ToolsThe Wildflower Seed and Tool Company has been around for 28 years and just came out with new ergonomically on-point sheers to be light weight with smaller handles for easier gripping. The Woman’s Pro By-Pass Pruner is perfect for pruning, with handles that don’t open as wide as most and with off-set blades that increase cutting power by 35%.

The Pro Ratchet Pruner is made for the cuts you wouldn’t be able to make without having to grab a large tough-to-handle tool to do the job. The Pro Cut and Hold Pruner is perfect for cutting flowers as it has the extra function of holding the flower right after making the cut. The Cut and Hold Short Reach Pruner is perfect for cutting and holding roses, especially those hard to reach ones. This one pretty much eliminates the need for a ladder.

Woman’s Pro Telescopic Power Lopper is for those women who need more help in the upper body and arm region as they aim to cut high thick branches in an effort to prune. This tool makes that process all the more easier. The prices vary product to product and there are more options in the woman’s gardening tool line.

To buy yours just head on over to wildflower-seed.com.