Did Amazon Prime Day Live Up To The Hype? | NewsWatch Minute

Here is our recap of last week and what to look forward to now! Last week, the first Amazon Prime Day left users wanting more. If Amazon’s lack of great deals got you down, the pictures of Pluto from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft was sure to be a fun highlight of last week. Lastly, a sad point in tech news last week was remember the legacy of Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata, who passed away.

Today, the Ashley Madison hack still has users concerned. The hacker group, The Impact Team, demands that the affair site be shut down or the will leak all of the information they have access to. The Impact Team has users’ names, credit card transactions, messages, and even nude photos.

Finally, lets go over what we’re looking forward to! Microsoft will finally release Windows 10 next week. Microsoft is fixing the last few bugs in the software before users can download the update on July 29th. Also, rumors suggest Apple has big plans for its next round of new iPhones. Rumors include no more 16GB devices or SIM cards in the least iPhones.