NatureVision – Beautifully Serene Television | NewsWatch Review

Tech Review

TV programs can be overwhelmingly saturated ranging from reality TV to depressing news shows to ones that glorify sex and violence. If you are getting tired of these predictable shows and want to see more enlightening programs about the world, tune into a program called NatureVision TV.

NatureVision TV is a channel that features hundreds of hours of HD and 4K footage and crystal clear sounds of some of the most gorgeous locations in the world.  Meant to provide a soothing background, NatureVision TV helps you relax and relieve stress at home, in the office, and wherever you go. It works on any television, computer, tablet or phone. The program offers an enjoyable experience where it’s as if there you’re looking through window directly into nature but instead of just your average backyard, you can view mountains, waterfalls and jungles from every continent on Earth, like Costa Rica and Bali. The programs include naturally recorded surround-sound as well as soothing original music for relaxation. There is no narrator so the nature speaks for itself.

NatureVision TV can be put to use not only for enjoyment, but also to allow businesses to create a calming ambiance in what could be a stressful office. Even more so, you can play it as a background for parties or get-togethers to set a relaxing mood. It can even help you rest or sleep.

The channel is rising in popularity very quickly, already reaching millions of viewers worldwide. NatureVision TV is available on your Roku, Amazon Instant Video, and to name just a few distributors for just $2.99 a month.  So go check it out and subscribe today.