Follow My Vote – A New Voting Software | NewsWatch Review

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Since Democracy was created, the voting system’s integrity is called into question. We have access to new technology, so why hasn’t the way we’ve voted changed? That is where Follow My Vote comes in. Follow My Vote is a block chain voting software that provides a secure online platform that aims to add complete transparency to the voting process.

Follow My Vote is voting software that can save taxpayer money and allows you to see the election in real-time. Voters log on with their unique voter ID and select the candidate they are voting for. Once that is done they can open the ballot box at any time, locate their vote and make sure it was cast as intended. But it goes a step further. The voter can return to the system at any time and change their vote before the election closes. This voting software could cut costs, increase voter turnout, make voting more accessible, and ensure that elections remain honest. What’s more is this process allows for real-time results so we can see the votes roll in as they occur, totally removing human error in tallying. Think about it for a second- this would completely change the way we experience an election. No more re-counts, no more bad integrity, just what the people want in real-time. More people would feel like their voice was actually being heard by the government. Follow My Vote is even an open source software which means the code can be audited. Their intention is to totally revolutionize the electoral voting process and weed out corruption by creating a digital paper trail.

Are you on board for changing the software we use to vote? For more information on Follow My Vote software go to or search for Follow My Vote on Kickstarter.

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