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If your wardrobe is in need of a facelift, don’t think the only option is to go out and spend a fortune on new clothes while you trash all your old ones. That’s the expensive and wasteful way to go about it. Did you know every year an average of 70 pounds of clothing per person is thrown away. So instead of being part of that wasteful cycle, check out FabSwapp.

FabSwapp is an eco and financially friendly app that allows you to swap clothes with other like-minded-people trying to change out their wardrobe. To use FabSwapp, download the app, log in and begin listing the items you want to get rid of. You give a token value to the items to signify what you think they’re worth. If someone likes it, they send a swap offer which you can either accept or decline. Then you can check out what others are giving away nearby. You can “purchase” their clothing items with swap tokens. No money spent and no wasted clothing. You’re even rewarded free tokens by reaching certain achievement goals. Free tokens mean more clothes! Not only is this great for just getting new fun clothing items, if you happen to be losing weight, it could be great for getting your new sized clothing without spending a fortune, especially if you haven’t hit your goal weight yet and you know you will just need to buy more soon. Because, isn’t it depressing to wear baggy clothes when you want to show off your weight loss and reward yourself for it?

FabSwapp is available on iOS and Android devices for free so head to the app store or fabswapp.com today to download it.

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