KoalaSafe – Keep Your Kid’s Internet Monitored | NewsWatch Review

Tech Review

A common problem parents are trying to solve in this digital age is how to balance screen time and play time at home while preventing their kids from viewing inappropriate content.  Well here comes the solution – KoalaSafe.

KoalaSafe allows you to set up a new WiFi network where you can monitor and control any device on the network. Once you buy the box and plug it into your existing router you will see the new network. Put your kid’s device on the new network and download the KoalaSafe app. Now you’re ready to set up your parameters. You can set time limits for how long they spend online to curb overuse. Make Minecraft and game addiction a thing of the past. When the limit is reached, the connection turns off automatically. You can also block sites by category and block apps by name – like Snapchat or Kik. No more following links to inappropriate videos either, with YouTube and Google SafeSearch enforced on kids devices. You can then use the app to track and see what apps are on the device and how long they’ve been there. If you have more than one child, you can set up different profiles for each one with different rules. And remember, parents stay on the original network, un-monitored and unfiltered. KoalaSafe gives you peace of mind as a parent and creates a happier, healthier online experience for your kids. KoalaSafe will tell you how your household compares to others, as well as what’s recommended. Would you like to know if Facebook usage went from 1 hour to 20 hours in a week? KoalaSafe will tell you.

You can buy KoalaSafe for $99 by going to koalasafe.com today.

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