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The average American spends 12 days a year looking for a lost or misplaced item. That’s a major waste of time. That’s where Nut find3 comes in.

Nut find3 is the all new third generation smart tracker by Nut technology that helps you find items that are easily misplaced.  This smart tracker is a Bluetooth chip that functions as an alarm and is connected to an app on your smartphone. Place the tracker on or in anything you don’t want to leave behind. If you walk too far away from it, the app on your phone will sound an alert.  Or if you can’t find it, you can use the app to sound the alarm on the tracker. Two-way separation alerts prevent you from leaving your phone behind as well. The App can also show you the real time location of the items on a map.  And the smart tracker will last up to 1 year and its battery is easily replaceable.  It comes in 4 different colors: peach white, pink orange, green tea, and cherry gray. Measuring: length:38.2mm, width:38.2mm   height:7.2mm, and weight:9.5g; the Nut find3 is small enough to put virtually anywhere and makes even your smallest items findable again. Maybe we can use it to keep track of the office stapler everyone steals for their own desk.

With the Nut Find 3, there’s no more forgetting important belongings and you’ll save a ton of time not having to search for things – time that can easily be spent outside or with your friends. And while Nut find3 is tiny, peace of mind is huge. Nut find3 is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So to learn more, head to

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