Top 6 Pokémon Go Tips

App Watch

By: Rabeca Smith

So, over the weekend we saw something huge blow up the gamer-sphere. So huge that we decided to see what it was all about. If you love Pokémon and adventure then Pokémon Go by Niantic is definitely going to be a game-changer for you.

This interactive app allows players to travel on foot in search of their favorite Pokémon. Once your phone vibrates you will know you are close to a Pokémon. Quickly aim and throw a Poke Ball, or risk losing your chance to catch them all! The game seems easy and for the most part it is. It’s pretty straight forward especially if you are familiar with Pokémon in general.

However, here at NewsWatch we are nothing if not overachievers and we are always looking for a tip, trick, or hack. So, here are our top 6 Pokémon Go pointers:

1. Stretch before you play! Players are motivated to walk because poke eggs hatch based on distance traveled AND the more places you go the more Pokémon you will find. This is a huge part of the appeal of the game but if you are typically accustomed to sitting when you game then this might be an adjustment. Also, be aware of your surroundings! No wandering into a street or swamp or something because you see a Pokémon you just gotta have.

2. Be creative! Water type Pokémon can be found by bodies of water, grass types of Pokémon are in fields and such. So, get creative! Hit up the park, the pool, or…fireplace? Wait, if you find Pokémon near their element, where do you find fire Pokémon? Someone let us know if we need to light a bonfire to get a Charazzard.

3. Pokestops are often cool places –  Places like monuments, museums, shopping centers, college campuses, and city landmarks. Basically tourist destinations are a really good bet. That makes living in big cities an advantage in some regards. However, the lack of grass and water might prove to be detrimental. I guess the point of the game is to “go” so, get up and go!

4. Nintendo Pokemon Go PlusGet the wristband – There is one downfall we’ve seen and that is that the app HAS to be open to find Pokémon. This might just be a way for them to try to sell us on the $35 wristband that vibrates when a Pokémon is near but either way our batteries are not happy with us. So, whether you buy a powerbank for your phone or a wristband for Pokémon, the choice is yours.

5.  YOU CAN CHOOSE PIKACHU! When you first sign up for the game you are given the typical choices of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle… RUN AWAY! Seriously, physically run away from them and after they follow you like 3 or 4 times then Pikachu appears and you can have him as your first catch. Ok, I know it doesn’t really matter in the long run of the game but if you want to be like Ash then Pikachu is the way to go!

6. Save your battery life while playing – We already know that this game is a severe battery drainer. We found a few ways to save your battery without sacrificing game play. If you’re an iOS user, you can go into your settings and put your phone in battery saving mode. Otherwise, you can turn down the brightness on your phone or turn of the AR within the game.

So, that’s our tops tips and tricks for Pokémon Go, if only poor Andrew had followed them, maybe he would have had a little more luck. If you know of any other tips then, please hit us up on Twitter or in the comments below.

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