5 Cool Technologies Found in New Cars

Tech Report

At NewsWatch, we’re pretty obsessed with technology of all kinds, especially when it’s found in cars. While we still don’t have self-driving cars yet, technology found in newer cars is still impressive. Tech analyst Chris Vaughn decided to really see what kind of new technologies are found in 2016 cars.
Here are the 5 cool technologies he found:

  1. Back-up camerasAccording to Chris, this is so you don’t have to strain your neck while looking behind you to reverse. While this could be one use for the back-up camera, the real reason is pretty obvious – safety. All too often family members accidentally hurt or kill small children by driving away from home, in fact, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) these accidents result in 15,000 injuries a year and 210 deaths – 31% of those accidents involve kids under five years old. In 2018, back-up cameras will be mandatory in new cars sold and leased in the U.S.
  2. Voice control UntitledThis cool feature allows you to use Google Voice to access your contacts with voice control to call your friends and make plans. Andrew might need to figure out how to use this feature in his car.
  3. App-Connect – Yeah, cars have apps now. All the things you love on your phone can appear on your car’s dashboard. Select from maps, messaging, music, and more on a touchscreen display on your dash for easy use.
  4. Music – There’s no CD player. Kind of weird, kind of makes sense. Android Auto allows you to access your music and audio apps. Easily access your music library, Google Music, podcasts, and audiobooks all from the convenience of your dashboard.
  5. Personal trainer – How great is it to have an assistant with you in your car at all times? Really great. “Think Blue. Trainer.” gives you the assistance you need – letting you know if you’re being fuel efficient, and suggestions on how to reduce your consumption.

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