STRIVR – Immersive VR Experience for Athletes | NewsWatch Review

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard everyone talking about virtual reality. There is no denying that virtual reality is here to stay. Seriously, with headsets like Oculus and HTC recently hitting the consumer market, and more to come over the next several months, their popularity is only trending upwards. It’s interesting to see how different companies have begun experimenting with VR. And one unique use of virtual reality we found is happening in the sports world, for both players and fans, with STRIVR.

Based in Palo Alto, California, STRIVR is a virtual reality innovation company whose marquee product is a technology that allows athletes to relive practice film from inside a VR headset. This effectively puts the athletes back on the field during their off-field time, so they can continue practicing. Pretty cool, right? Former Stanford kicker Derek Belch created STRIVR after recognizing the potential for VR to help players prepare for upcoming games in a much more effective manner. STRIVR records certain portions of practice in 360 degrees, allowing athletes to relive an exact moment during a play. Just imagine the type of impact this will have on sports – they will be able to completely master their plays.

Currently there are over twenty professional sports teams that are using STRIVR, including the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, and Washington Capitals. If you ask us, that alone is pretty impressive. But that is only half the story at STRIVR.  Major brands, agencies, and sports organizations are using STRIVR to engage fans and customers in new, exciting ways.

Are you interested in a virtual reality athletic experience? You can find out all about STRIVR and their dedication to improving the sports experience by heading to today.


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