Semble – Easily Create Your Custom Apps | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

How many apps do you have on your phone or tablet? Probably a lot, most of us do. We think it’s safe to say that apps are easily one of the greatest inventions in the digital age, right? Seriously, they allow us a level of efficiency and convenience we never thought possible. But have you ever considered creating your own app? Seems totally impossible and it might be kind of expensive, right? Well, not anymore. Semble by Mag+ can help you easily create your own custom app.

Semble is an easy to use Mac tool allows you to turn your brilliant app idea into a reality, and the whole process is totally easy to do. The simple drag and drop tool will allow you to add dynamic content to your app starting from the bottom up. You can use it to create one app or numerous ones and for both iOS and Android devices. So, let’s say you have a small business, and you want to deliver hands on information, an app does the job and can send push-notifications straight into your customer’s pockets. See how convenient that is? Or let’s say you’re getting married and want to create an app to share all your wedding details in one place. If you are worried about starting from scratch don’t worry, Semble offers app templates for you to edit and mold to match your concept. Semble wants to make it easy and affordable to make your own custom app.

Are you ready to create your own app? You can create and share your app through Semble for free or you can create your own branded app for $39 a month. Go to to download it for free today.

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