28 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Justice League Trailer From Comic-Con | NewsWatch Review


By Rabeca Smith

justice 1
courtesy of Warner Brothers Studios

Over the weekend at Comic-con in San Diego, there were several sneak peeks at upcoming movies. Wonder Woman gave us a teaser as well as Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. I love me some Wonder Woman and I am as big a “Pot(ter)-head” as anyone but what really caught my eye was the new Justice League trailer. So, I held off on watching it just for all you NewsWatch fans and then I wrote down all my initial thoughts. So, here they are; 28 first impressions of Justice League:

  1. Here we go! I am so excited.
  2. Man, I wish I had gone to Comic-con… I should have just booked the flight.. They had such cool panels this year.
  3. I am so glad the Ben Afflect doesn’t have the Christian Bale Batman voice. He did such a good jobs as Batman; I think he really made the last movie. Best Batman ever? Eh, I think I am still team Keaton.
  4. Oooh, comes from the sea! You know what that means. Aw yeah Aquaman! Ok, when did I become Team Aquaman? Oh yeah, when Aquaman stopped being lame.
  5. Jason Momoa. Yes, Khal Drogo, I mean, Aquaman!
  6. Ok, he might actually be able to do some damage. Wait, if Aquaman can control the sea from on land does that explain Sharknado? I didn’t see it, might have to check it out now.
  7. “Talk” ha! One word and every girl’s heartrate at Comic-con probably blew off the charts.
  8. What’s in the shallow grave?
    justice 2
    courtesy of Warner Brothers Studios
  9. Why are there knights?
  10. Is this a flashback? Or a weird cult that wears medieval period clothing?
  11. Oh, they are burying the box.. must be powerful and important. No one ever buries anything inconsequential.
  12. Wonder Woman looking good as always.
  13. Others like him, yep! Justice League Unite!
  14. I can’t wait to see what Ray Fisher’s outfit looks like.
  15. . the Flash is in the house!
  16. Haha, I am glad they added a little humor to this movie. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about Ezra Miller but if he is the comedic relief then I think I am ok with this.
  17. Gal Gadot calling out Affleck is pretty funny.
  18. Ooh, I don’t think that even Aquaman should throw Batman around like that.
  19. Whoa, crazy eyes on Aquaman there!
  20. Hey! What if that wasn’t the right Flash! Oops, Batman killed some kid with a bat to the face! I mean, WE know it’s the right guy but Bruce just has some fuzzy surveillance pictures!
  21. I like the lightening effects they are using for The Flash.
  22. Eh, now I am worried that The Flash is a little too Jesse Eisenberg-y.
  23. But he still is funny. I lol-d a little at my desk.
  24. “Agreed” Awww, the Dark Knight gets lonely.
  25. Super sexy power shots of everyone. I like the Cyborg outfit, kind of retro.. gotta see how he moves in it.
    justice 4
    courtesy of Warner Brothers Studios
  26. I wanted Aquaman to say “I heard you talk to bats, can’t always listen to rumors.”
  27. . JUSTICE LEAGUE! Ok, that was awesome, when is it coming out again? 2017?! That’s way too far away! Let the countdown begin! Whispers ::480 Days and counting::
  28. Wonder Woman trailer coming up next, starting this trailer binge watch now! Man, I should have gone to Comic-con.

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