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If you’re physically active and have experienced knee, elbow, or wrist problems there’s a good chance you’ve worn a brace at some point. Typically braces are made of neoprene or some copper blend and tend to bunch – that could cause more discomfort than the original ailment itself. That’s where Vantelin Supports by Kowa come in.

Vantelin Supports is a 2-in-1 brace with built-in Kinesiology taping structure. Taping, while incredibly effective at relieving stress and pain, usually requires a lot of patience and trial and error to apply correctly. Vantelin applies the same workable principles but it’s all built in so it’s as easy as strapping the brace on. These braces allow for proper movement of joints and muscles with the right amount of compression. And because of its moisture wicking fabric your skin stays dry and comfortable even while wearing it all day. Vantelin is an official licensee of the Major League Baseball’s Authentic Collection, and an official sponsor of the New York Yankees. If you’re in NY you’ll probably see some great commercials featuring passionate fans supporting their favorite team.

Yankees, Mets and Dodgers fans can find a whole lineup of MLB branded joint support braces at For everybody else you can find these innovative braces at Head over there today to purchase your Vantelin Supports brace.

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