Royal Vegas Casino

If you are a casino games enthusiast, you will be glad to know that you do not need to be at your computer to enjoy your poker or blackjack.  Royal Vegas now offers a mobile casino app that gives you many fun games at your fingertips! Have a look here at
to see the games on offer. This means that you do not need to download their casino software, just the app –as simple as that! The Royal Vegas mobile casino app is great for a number of reasons that we will discuss today.

  • Format

If you are used to playing Royal Vegas casino games on your PC, it will not be a huge jump to the mobile app, as the formats of the two royalvegasare very similar, and thus easy to use. Many people appear to be scared of trying new technology, this is true for those who usually go to a traditional casino and have never played online on a computer. It is also true for those who usually play on a computer, but have not made the move to using a mobile casino app. The truth is that the learning curve using an online casino, or a mobile casino app is not very big –it is intuitive to navigate and something that you will pick up with ease. It’s mostly the fear that needs to be overcome.

  • Mobility

The obvious advantage of using Royal Vegas’ mobile casino app is that you can now play casino games wherever you are –and not only when you are at your computer. This really changed the way in which you play games. Casino games now become something that you can play for long stretches of time as well as in quick bursts throughout the day. You may not be able to dedicate a few hours to playing games on an average day, but you will find that you can cumulatively get a good amount of game play if you play whenever you have a free moment; waiting for your take-away, or in a cab.

  • Great tech support

As it is with anything relying on technology; there are times when there are issues. Such issues are inevitable, but what makes the difference is the people who are there to help remedy the problem. Royal Vegas has a really efficient tech support team who are on the ball! You can contact them through the modality that is most convenient for you –so you are not forced to use a medium with which you are unfamiliar. Options of contacting them include Skype, WhatsApp, Live Chat as well as e-mail.

  • Bonuses and benefits

The best part about gaming with Royal Vegas is that you get some incredible bonuses and benefits. These include their famous new player welcome bonus of $1200, and the complementary 120 free spins that come alongside it. But the benefits do not end there. They have a great rewards program, in which you earn points as you play!