M3 Solutions – NetSpot Smart Stations | NewsWatch Review

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Companies often provide their employees with laptops and tablets prior to meetings or throughout the workday.  And while this common practice has its benefits, it also means each tablet or laptop isn’t tailored to the employees needs, they have free-reign on it for personal usage, and the company is forced to hold a larger inventory of devices than is actually necessary.   That’s where M3 Solutions Technologies comes in.

With their highly efficient NetSpot Stations, organizations can track company laptops or tablets and keep them up to date with important applications and documents.

One station can have anywhere from 15 to 150 slots where they can house laptops and tablets.

Each station is powered with a simple AC power outlet and a connection to a local internet service. After that they are self-managing systems that require no intervention from the site owner. And don’t worry about whether or not your laptops or devices are compatible because these stations are agnostic to whatever machine or device you’re using. In terms of aesthetics, these stations blend seamlessly with most business decors. Any smart unit can easily sit on a counter or be embedded in the wall or other surface to conserve space.   Companies can choose between a tablet station, laptop station or Open-Frame Station which houses both laptops and tablets.

M3 Solutions is finding ways to ease your business’ technological needs in a new and innovative way and that is the reason that NewsWatch chose to highlight them. We think that these NetSpot Smart Stations could really be a turning point in how business’ source tech to their employees.

For more information on M3 Solutions, NetSpot Smart Stations go to m3-solutions.net today.

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