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Now, when 3D printers first came to market, they were expensive and clunky.  But since then, they’ve become more affordable and smaller in size, which means they’re gaining a presence in schools around the country.  And they’re not just used to create trinkets, they’re being used to provide affordable materials for students.  One company that’s leading this technological wave is

They represent a unified vision between Florida State University’s Florida Center for Research in STEM, and technology entrepreneur Laron Walker.  Together they sought to bring affordable hands-on-learning to classrooms using 3D-printing.  They developed over 100 vetted kits covering all STEM topics that allow teachers to print class materials from their already available 3D printers.  So let’s say you’re trying to teach your class about cell membranes, you can print the Cell Membrane Kit, which utilizes density to create a self-orienting cell membrane model that assembles when placed in water.  And it’ll cost significantly less than a similar product from a traditional manufacturer – so if it gets lost or broken, the teacher can reprint it.  And it’s not just biology they have kits for – they provide end-to-end solutions for hands on-learning for every grade in every STEM subject.  On top of that, the kits are affordable, so they’re perfect for use at home or at a camp or library.

By making science and math tangible with these 3D printed kits, students can place their hands on and in something to illustrate an idea that would have previously been only in a textbook. With students in a classroom who learn in different ways, these 3D printed kits can bring a new level of understanding to the more kinetic learners.

If you want to learn more about their 3D kits, just head over to to get started.

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