Pura Naturals – Organic Pet Products | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Pets are truly a part of our family. And anyone who has ever owned one can testify to that. So giving them the best care possible is our priority. So go ahead and check out Pura Naturals Pet.

Their business was founded on the belief that we can be better to our pets, ourselves and the environment. That’s why their line of pet bath and body products are USDA Certified Organic, safe and eco-friendly. They have something for every dog – from wet and dry shampoos, to paw & nose butters and healing balms . From innovative products like their Teeth Cleansing System, to their revolutionary new Ear Cleansing System. And because their products are USDA Certified Organic, you can be sure their products won’t have any preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances, skin irritants or additives of any kind.  You could even use them on yourself and your family because all of their products are Human Safe. Pura Naturals Pet is pushing the boundaries of pet health and grooming from nose to tail. To top it off, it’s all made and sourced right here in the USA.

“Toxins, artificial colors, formaldehyde (yes the embalming elixir for the dead can now be found in shampoos), skin irritants, and chemical fragrances are found in a majority of the products available in the market today. Terrible but true! The FDA and USDA are supposed to be monitoring this category but because cats can’t complain about internal pain and dogs can’t tell you their eyes are burning from the bleach substitute you just used to clean the brown spots from under their eyes, the category is overlooked. Someone needed to be the voice of our pets. Someone shouting from the mountaintops what they are thinking, “I love you unconditionally and deserve better!” – And that is what we did. So we sat down and decided there had to be a better way. It began with products for our own four legged friends and quickly expanded to our friend’s pets and then the entire community. We knew we had something and wanted to share it with the world.”

You can’t get better than that. For more information, check out their website at puranaturalspet.com. You can also order it straight from Amazon.

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