Maxim the Robot – Addictive Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


Are you looking for a new and addictive mobile game to keep you entertained and help pass the time?  Then check out Maxim the Robot.

This colorful and dynamic Platformer game features a completely original story.  You play as Maxim, a small robot, who is determined to save the beautiful Mixam from his arch nemesis, Arthix. The evil robot villain descends chaos upon the peaceful Mecaribbean Island with his invasion of thousands of Nanodogs. These dumb but dangerous creatures must be stopped. Run, jump, swing, roll and swim your way through over 70 levels. Unlock new characters with special abilities like Speed running and Jet Pack flying, and customize them with cool hats!  The goal of the game is to finish all Levels as fast as possible beating your time score, while also destroying enemies, collecting Cogs and finding the 3 secret X-Coins in each level. Oh and rescue your beloved Mixam of course. Challenge your friends to race you to be number one on the leaderboard. This is for bragging rights and so you can say, “In your face!” So, for some fun, competitive, new gaming experiences with an awesome robot, get your Maxim on.

Maxim the Robot is available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices. Head to the App or Google Play Store to download it or go to today.

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