Enso – Silicone Wedding Bands | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

So the holidays are coming up and it’s time to start thinking about stocking stuffers and other gifts for your loved ones. Check out Enso rings.

This one-of-a-kind ring was specifically engineered to break away when it’s pulled or torn which is incredibly convenient when you want to avoid serious injury like, you know, losing a finger. Think Jimmy Fallon and don’t google ring avulsion unless you have a stomach of steel. They’ve now taken their forward and innovative thinking to a new level with the Enso Elements Collection. This luxury look was created with a new copper-infused design that’s breathable and comfortable. In fact, the Elements Collection features the first and only anti-microbial rings on the market, which is perfect for the medical and culinary fields. In fact, the Elements Collection features the first and only ring that prevents the presence of bacteria and microorganisms. And of course none of that would mean much if the rings didn’t also look good. The design is attracting a lot of attention with over 6 million views online. Obviously, no one wants to wear an ugly ring! And of course as just icing on the cake, Enso offers a lifetime guarantee if your ring stretches, tears or breaks, which is kind of a big selling point for us klutzes out there! To really drive this all home, let’s talk about the fact that they are really reasonably priced! Most wedding rings are hundreds, thousands, not tens of dollars. And that’s right, even a bundle, with multiple rings tops out under $70.00!

To jump on the Enso ring trend head to EnsoRings.com today.

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