Smart Ass – Hilariously Fun Game | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

As we enter the holiday season, there are going to be plenty of get-togethers with family and friends. Whether you have a group of adults meeting up or a mix of children and grown-ups, games are always a great party activity. If you want a suggestion on how to make your next gathering a heck of a lot of fun, check out a fun trivia game, Smart Ass.

Smart Ass is a fast-paced party game that’ll have everyone playing in hysterics within minutes. There’s no waiting for your turn here. Once a clue is read everyone rushes to yell out the correct answer first. But you don’t even need to wait until the entire clue is read. If you know it, yell it out! But watch out, if you’re wrong, you’re out of the round. You don’t have to worry about feeling dumb because everyone playing will always know the hidden topic as familiar clues are read.   It’s not about who’s the smartest so much as how fast you can think. Despite the name, it’s fun for the whole family with good clean humor, but if you aren’t a fan of the name, there is also a Smart A** version. So, for your next family game night gather everyone around and get ready to race! With more than 2 million copies sold and over 900 online reviews averaging 4.5 stars, it’s already a wildly popular game.

To buy Smart Ass in time for the holidays, head over to today. Or find it at, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, or Kmart. With so many places to buy, you can’t miss the chance to pick up this hilariously fun game.

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