Ecomo Bottle – Contamination Free Hydration | NewsWatch Review

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Drinking water is vital to living a healthy life or just living, period. Tell us something we don’t know, right? Well, not all water is the same. One bottle or glass of water doesn’t just equal another. Some have contaminants or aren’t filtered properly. But how do you know what’s in the water? Check out Ecomo Bottle.

Ecomo Bottle is a sleekly designed smart water bottle that tests for contaminants in your water. Simply fill up the bottle with water, shake it and the display will read off whether the water is good enough for you to drink. But it doesn’t just stop there. Ecomo Bottle includes a 3-in-1 filter system that removes contaminants including chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, petroleum, metals and bacteria. And yes, all that stuff ends up in some of the water we drink. The bottle works in conjunction with your phone and it’s resident hydration tracker to let you know when you should be drinking water. When you’re done with the bottle, you can rest it on the quick charging station. One charge could last you a full week. Maintenance is quite easy as well. It’s machine washable and will alert you when the filter needs changing. Pretty cool, right?

Don’t let us stop there, Ecomo bottle will also keep track of your hydration, help you set your hydration goals for the day, and to top it off.. it syncs with the tracker, in fact, it syncs with any fitness tracker.

You can pre-order Ecomo Bottle for as low as $139 by heading to today.

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