FaceCradle – Travel in Comfort | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Have you ever taken a long trip somewhere and had a horrible time sleeping or haven’t been able to sleep at all? We’ve all been there. In fact, NewsWatch happens to have a track record of flight trouble, like being stuck on the tarmac for hours. Well, a company called FaceCradle is changing your ability to sleep while stuck on the plane with their patent-pending travel pillow.

“Well, typically we don’t sleep while sitting upright, so that’s the whole problem, that’s the very basics of why you can’t sleep while you travel in economy class. See, this product allows you many many more options of getting your head on a different angle and your body rested.”

Now, the FaceCradle offers 5 modes of comfort, allowing your head to be in a horizontal position. So, no matter who you are or how you get comfortable, chances are that you will be able to find a way to get some sleep without the luxury and room of first class.

“A traditional travel pillow has one mode effectively, where you put the pillow around your neck. The face cradle can do that but it also does four others. The two pillow split open (so, it’s not just one pillow, it’s two) and by opening the pillows out and locking them in certain positions and then attaching the strap, it allows you to use all of the space in front of you to get to sleep.” – David Scrimshaw, Co-Founder FaceCradle

If you want to get a good sleep on your next trip, head to facecradle.me today.

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