Deputy Dangle – The Cop Game With No Backbone | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

With the oversaturation of games that are out there, it’s refreshing when we see a new concept hit the market. Chashu Entertainment offers that new experience with the funny and unique game Deputy Dangle.

Deputy Dangle follows the adventures of a boneless cop cleaning up the streets of a small city called Dangleton. His unique body structure, or rather his lack of body structure, allows him to overcome challenges and feats that only he can accomplish. Go up against menacing crocodiles, angry goats and oddly plump cats as you catch criminals and solve mysteries. Unlike some games where it’s a simple left to right scroll or straight forward run, Deputy Dangle takes you all over the map. Climb buildings, roll down the street, and swim through treacherous waters. Other controls allow you to stick Deputy Dangle to things like moving cars or shoot his plunger gun to aid you in your mission. As you move through the city fighting crime, you’ll come to realize that fancy movements like walking and running are completely overrated.

“Develop your own unique style of getting around town. Are you a cartwheeling speed demon or a majestic flying noodle? Master your multi-purpose plunger gun to grapple, swing, and fly around town. Explore vastly different environments from the depths of the sewer to the skies above. Put your boneless acrobatics to the test in four crazy trials and compete for high scores.”

Deputy Dangle is available to play on your PC for only $9.99. To start having fun head to Steam and download Deputy Dangle today.

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