urMuv – Find Your Ideal Neighborhood | NewsWatch Review


Are you or your family relocating for business or personal reasons? Or maybe you’re planning retirement? That can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Now, there are plenty of real estate apps out there that concentrate on finding the best house or apartment for you. But what about an app that finds the best neighborhood – because as we all know – location, location, location. Well, now you can.  The new mobile app, urMuv has just launched to solve that problem for the 20 million people moving across the US each year.

urMuv is the only real estate app on the market that matches the user with the community. Start by entering in the criteria you’re looking for. You can qualify the search by healthcare facility ratings, community crime levels, school ratings, nearby restaurants and bars, commute times and more. All of this is calculated to find the best neighborhood that fits your personality and preferences. If you’ve ever shopped for a home, then you know that using search engines is time consuming.  And there are certain things that real-estate agents can’t tell you about a particular community.  Once urMuv finds your “SweetSpot”, share the results with your realtor or go onto one of the home or apartment apps.

“Moving soon? Find the best communities in the top US Markets by making one search. Share results with your real estate agent to locate your new home or apartment, in the right neighborhood, before you start paying a mortgage. Determine your desired commute time to and from work, find healthcare system ratings, demographics, crime levels, school ratings, entertainment nearby, and more before you move. Don’t make 100 google searches, pick your desired criteria and our algorithm instantly finds you the best community based on your personality and preferences.”

urMuv is available for free on iOS devices.

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