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Now, If you work for a company or the government and want to buy technology, you know how expensive and time consuming it is to research and shop for the right solution. The options in the technology marketplace are limitless and change daily.  So how do you know which technology is the right fit for your organization’s needs?  Travel, insurance, and investment markets have used digital services to simplify how customers shop for their products and services.  Now a startup is taking that successful business model to the enterprise technology marketplace with “Shop4Clouds”.

“So, Shop4Clouds is a platform used by businesses and government agencies to help streamline the shopping experience. There’s too many products, they change daily, this is an answer to that business problem. For commercial companies, they have an extensive catalog. People trying to buy that don’t understand what’s available in the market, what they are offering. This is a very simple way to allow the consumer to walk through their catalog, answer a few questions, and get the best match of that product to meet their needs. Put very simply; if you’re business user, it’ll ask you business questions, if you’re a technical user, we will present more technically focused questions. So, you get to the same answer but if you’re business person you don’t have to know technology to use the platform. So, IT distributors and  software companies have fast catalogs and it can be a little overwhelming for the consumers, and it retracts their sales cycles and increases their cost to acquire expenses. So, using a platform like this can help them simplify that experience and increase sales in a shorter amount of time.” Keith Trippie, CEO Shop4Clouds Inc.

So if you’re shopping for technology, go to and start shopping today.

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