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There are about 3 billion people in the world using computers, most with a standard keyboard and mouse set up. Contour Design is a company that specializes in designing products that disrupt this setup and create a pain-free, more productive work environment.

One of Contour Designs’ popular solutions, the Ultimate Workstation, includes their signature RollerMouse Red and the Balance Keyboard. The RollerMouse Red features a large rollerbar and a digital left click to minimize impact on your fingertips. The patented rollerbar keeps your focus centralized without the need for undo stress involved with reaching and moving a standard mouse. Intuitive 7SENSES tracking technology adapts to your pace as you work.  The Balance Keyboard was built as the perfect companion to the RollerMouse Red.  The adjustable legs and tilt options allow for the perfect angle while typing.  It’s completely wireless and doesn’t require an on/off switch due to its smart power-saving technology. They take it a step further with the Ultimate Workstation Free3, which includes the same Balance Keyboard but replaces the RollerMouse Red with the RollerMouse Free3, making the entire workstation completely wireless.

“We have engineered our Balance Keyboard to fit perfectly with RollerMouse Red Plus, eliminating the need for keyboard risers. The pitch of Balance Keyboard can be adjusted to three different tilts (negative, flat, positive) that ensure maximum comfort working with the RollerMouse Red Plus. Its slim design aligns perfectly with your mouse, allowing you to maintain a more ergonomic position. The Balance Keyboard’s low lip minimizes the length of reach needed to get between your keyboard and your mouse. By using the Ultimate Workstation, you can experience an optimized workplace setup in a compact, usable space.”

If you want to take the pain out of work, check out the Ultimate Workstation series at

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