Lime – On The Go Dating App | NewsWatch Review


Despite the popularity of dating apps in recent years it seems there’s something missing. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have reduced “dating” to a lot of swiping and impersonal matching that rarely winds up in anyone actually meeting. Well here’s a dating app that aims to bring back the traditional approach of going out and meeting your date in person. Lime is a real-time, location based dating app that encourages meeting each other instead of sitting on your couch messaging endlessly and never going out.

What a novel idea! By pressing the Go button users instantly see their potential matches within their vicinity. After tapping on their profile and deciding they might be a match you can ask them out right then and there. And because both are in the same vicinity going out on a real date is a lot simpler. It’s like walking right up to the person and asking them out. Now, your potential matches change based off your location. As you move around new matches show up. Think of it like Pokemon Go but instead of finding fake creatures, you’re snagging a cute date. It even works on your Apple Watch so you can be sure to “catch” all the hotties while you are out and about. Lime also links up to your Facebook account to match your likes and find the best matches for you.

You can download the Lime dating app in your App Store for free or by going to today. You can also get it on your Android Google Play Store if you prefer.

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