Third Wave Water – Make Your Best Cup of Coffee, Better | NewsWatch Review


Are you ready to take the taste of your best cup of coffee to the next level? Third Wave Water has developed a capsule filled with a balance of calcium, sodium, and magnesium that will better the preferred coffee drink in your life.

The quality of tap water, spring water, or bottled water heavily depends on where it comes from. The flavor of water itself comes from subterranean minerals like dolomite, halite, and limestone. From city to city to all over the world, the occurrences and quality of these minerals vary and can unfortunately, not be the most ideal to consume.

Fortunately, there is a solution for those who wish to better their quality of coffee. With a simple capsule, it provides the right balance of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium to enhance the taste of your water as well as coffee.

The process for how it works is simple:

  • Add a single capsule to a gallon of water
  • Give the water a shake
  • Add water to your coffee machine or water kettle as normal

Once you’re done the preparation process, you’re ready to make your perfect cup of coffee.

Third Wave Water has also run a successful Kickstarter campaign showcasing their capsules and won the attention of several baristas and started being used in cafes, and even in barista competitions.

The makers of Third Wave Water, Taylor Minor and Charles Nick, had a mission to initially provide customers better tasting water, but soon expanded to selling it to people anywhere who wanted to improve the taste of their coffee. From consideration to fruition, coffee is tasting better than ever before to whoever purchases Third Wave Water’s capsules.

Third Wave Water provides a pre-production sample of 10 capsules. Head over to their website, to order your capsules and check out other coffee-related products.