PhotoSquared – Make Your Memories Come to Life | NewsWatch Review


Does your Instagram feed or Facebook wall look more lively than the art (or lack thereof) you have hanging on the walls of your home, dorm or office? Is there a room in particular that’s missing a touch of personality and meaning?

When you purchase PhotoSquared you can create and decorate with the photos like what you make on Instagram and Facebook. With PhotoSquared, you can simply print from your phone and stylize your room of choice with high quality 8 by 8 by ½ inch photo squares. Get crafty with PhotoSquared and choose the best images that have the most meaning to you.

To add to its convenience, PhotoSquared supplies adhesive tape so nails or screws don’t damage your walls. The photos are also UV and moisture resistant so you can hang them relatively anywhere you like such as outside, inside, or even in the shower. Select any room you wish to decorate with beautiful memories all from just the photos you’ve taken on your mobile device.

PhotoSquared operates simply with its easy-to-create process:

  • Download the app
  • Access your photos
  • Select your favorite memories
  • Align your photo or apply a filter
  • Send your photo to print with one-step checkout and free shipping

You can also expect your photo squares to be delivered to your home within 3 to 5 days.

Photosquared is all about customization when you access memories to create long lasting art on your walls.

Decoration doesn’t get any better when you can personalize your photos and be your own photographer. There’s something to be said for not just creating your own sentiment through a captured image, but making it come to life and tell a story for years to come.

Download PhotoSquared for free on iOS or Android devices in the App or Google Play Store to start decorating or check out their website at