Finland – Technology Superpower | Mobile World Congress

By: Guy Tal Hauser

Finland is well known for its country’s clean air and one of the best places to ski. Something you may not have heard much of however, is Finland’s technology ecosystem.

Half the world uses mobile technologies from Finland such as some iconic mobile games like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds. Facebook is also a major organization that uses Finland technologies. The technology footprint only becomes wider when it comes from such a small country and with advanced knowledge in 5G, artificial intelligence, and IoT, they’re bound to keep expanding.

Innovations featured in the interview are Cloudstreet’s Network Slicing solution that is vital to 5G opening up a world of essential use cases from IoT and M2M to AR, VR, IPTV and Critical Communications. And DoCover transforming plain phone cover into something innovational and a branding opportunity through a holographic cover.

FinPro, official Finnish export and investment promotion agency, manages almost 40 significant Growth Programs through which Team Finland assists hundreds of Finnish companies enter the international market.

ICT Growth Programs

Connectivity from Finland

The program brings together Finnish telco and connectivity experts that deliver groundbreaking, future proof solutions across the entire operator value chain. From core and access network solutions, through services such as analytics and testing, to data monetization.

Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility Solutions

Having pride in smart mobility leadership, Finland is known as the global leader. This program focuses on Intelligent Vehicle and Mobility solution providers to access new markets and cultivate worldwide recognition.

Capitalizing Knowledge

Capitalize your Knowledge Growth Program brings together over 30 Finnish companies in the field of Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things). Finnish experts in IoT provide creative solutions from data investment to analytics as well as insight on products, customers, and operations. Finland is a major pioneer in futuristic endeavors.


The eCom Growth program promotes internationalization and the expansion of small and medium-sized Finnish companies that trade online. In addition, the program helps smart retail companies that produce groundbreaking technologies to have access to global markets.

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