Live View Golf – Better Your Swing with Live Feedback | NewsWatch Review


Learning golf is hard and improving your swing can take months or even years. There must be some way to get better faster? Well there is now. The app to be on the lookout for is Live View Golf and it can take your golf playing to new heights.

What’s key to realize with golf is that there is a difference between what a player feels and what is actually being done. Live View Golf can bridge this gap by providing immediate feedback so you can correct yourself as you play.

Live View Golf is a live streaming wireless camera that acts like a digital mirror to show you what you are doing. This provides you the ability to work on your form as you go and help you learn faster as you watch the feedback. Seeing your swing live allows you to fix mistakes before you make them and will therefore accelerate the process of you achieving the correct form.

Live View Golf works by having its camera connect to your phone with the Live View app and provides tools to track your body setup and swing.

In addition, the app can create templates to teach you how to swing and reach the best position to win your game.

How Do You Set It Up?

  • Place the Live View camera on your golf bag
  • Place directly behind the strike zone
  • Once you have the camera setup, download the app
  • You’re good-to-go!

For any and all golfer enthusiasts, perfect your game and better your form all with a simple app  that will record your swings. Watch what the camera has recorded of you later in slow motion or even frame by frame so you can fully dissect your positioning.

Live View Golf is available on iOS and Android devices. If you’d like to learn more, head over to today.