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Most merchants are accustomed to providing their customers some sort of rewards program or a means of loyalty card identification. Either you have the customer type in their phone number or provide the cashier their loyalty card or coupons. With card-linking, this cumbersome over-the-counter proof of enrollment is eliminated to create more experiential and personalized transactions that increase customer engagement.

The card-linking process works when a customer links a payment card to a mobile app or loyalty program. They then receive their discount or loyalty benefit automatically by paying with the registered card. In turn, the merchant is able to finally close the marketing loop and link an advertisement or coupon to a point-of-sale.

The CardLinx Association’s mission is to promote the card-linking and online-to-offline commerce industry by working with its members to foster collaboration in the card-linking ecosystem, organize industry events to exchange best practices and establish industry standards for mobile payments, in-store offers, card-linking, and many other technologies that entail the Internet of Commerce Things.

Its members include:

  • Airbnb
  • Discover
  • Facebook
  • First Data
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung Pay
  • And many more

CardLinx CEO, Silvio Tavares, works to promote collaboration in the card-linking and online-to-offline commerce industry by lowering the barrier of market entry by establishing industry standards, organizing cross-industry events and providing tools such CLIMe, the CardLinx Listing Information Monitor eCenter, and the CardLinx open source card-linking codebase.

Card-linking underpins the Internet of Commerce Things by enabling internet-enabled devices to make purchases with a registered payment card. Join the growth and development of card-linking by attending their next conference, Mobile Commerce and the Internet of Commerce Things on April 26, 2017 in San Francisco. To register your company, visit the following link:

To learn more about CardLinx and eliminate the hassle of cumbersome coupons and loyalty cards, head on over to today.