VooDoo – Mobile Game Marketing | NewsWatch Review


Have you developed a great game, but don’t have the background or resources necessary to market it? VooDoo is the company that can help with that and looking for the next app to make big.

What Exactly Does VooDoo Do?

VooDoo’s mission is to help you improve your game with the proper aesthetics, and with an alluring interface. In addition, they also offer financial support in order to get your game to where it needs to be.

Acquisition wise, VooDoo takes on the financial risks and the user acquisition budget. They are the experts at buying cheap installs in large quantities. This is all in part and in thanks to the mobile growth dream team.

The next step in the marketing process is monetization. They will extract the maximum value from your game and implement an efficient ad mediation system.

Following monetization will be data analysis where they will help you understand your users and targeted demographic. In addition, VooDoo will help you improve your game’s retention, in app purchases, and viral growth.

Finally, they will drive users to your game with the use of cross promotion and the implementation of growth hacks.

With a proven track record of successful games, they are leading experts in mobile gaming marketing. With their expertise and knowledge, they can make your game a hit that stays at the top of the charts for months.

If you want to learn more about VooDoo, head to voodoo.io today.