Citrix – Protect Your Workspace from Security Threats | NewsWatch Review


In a world where productivity is constantly challenged by intrusions and invasions of privacy, Citrix technology is trusted and proven to protect an increasingly mobile world. It’s time to secure, mobilize, and optimize app and data delivery with Citrix.

Citrix  provides a foundation for the future of work with an integrated holistic approach to application and data security. From protecting your business information and operations to workflow and intellectual property, Citrix has the ability to work from anywhere which is the core of its fundamental values.

If you’re looking to improve business productivity and fully integrate a digital workspace solution, Citrix Workspace Suite securely delivers apps, desktops, and data people need for business productivity from anywhere.

Mobility, IoT, and cloud mean that more people are accessing sensitive business information from more devices, clouds, and networks than ever before. The need for security is essential as it touches every aspect of our lives such as medical care, our finances, where we shop, how our favorite products are made, and even highly country-specific regulations.

In an ever-changing technological world, comes more opportunity for hackers to access your private information. Security has never been so challenging as nearly 70% of business organizations have reported that their technology is outdated to handle today’s level of security threats.

The biggest struggle is to protect this information from loss, theft, and increasingly sophisticated threats while addressing privacy, compliance, and risk management mandates. Regulators go as far as requiring defensible proof that security and privacy policies are rigorously enforced to protect information throughout all stages.

Citrix solutions can provide secure access on any device, over any network and on any cloud. Citrix helps organizations protect their most sensitive business information from existing and emerging threats.

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