Analytics Engines – Keep Your Data Manageable and Your Mind Sane | NewsWatch Review

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Businesses of any size deal in large quantities of data; data that has to be organized and analyzed. But how do you keep data manageable and easily analyzed without losing resources or your mind?

Analytics Engines XDP provides a flexible platform whereby data can be curated, orchestrated, and analyzed. Based on best in class open source software, Analytics Engines is configured for rapid deployment, reducing infrastructure development time and accelerating the analytics process.

Analytics Engines provides the business backbone for data analytics and management with the world’s most flexible, scalable data platform. One such successful example of the use of this platform is in the life science and healthcare sectors.

With the growth of precision medicine and the push towards value-based outcomes, data analytics is now a crucial component in drug development and patient care.

Analytics Engines enables researchers and healthcare providers to integrate the diverse datasets they are faced with and automates the analytic process in a streamlined and efficient way.

Features of Analytics Engines XDP Features:

  • Reusable: same stack definition can be transferred in cloud or on-premise, and retargeted easily.
  • Unified View: data virtualization offers a single view of enterprise data and allows joins across data assets in separate silos.
  • Push-down Query Capability: run analytics queries against native source systems.
  • Source Control: Software Defined Infrastructure definitions can be placed under source control.
  • Best in Class: using the best components and tools with a range of data stores to match your data.

Whether the challenge is dealing with genomic information or integrating patient data with outcomes and instead of having to spend time wrangling data into a cohesive form, researchers can now concentrate on analysis.

With this robust data platform businesses can house raw data, metadata, and interim analysis results allowing for the tracking, monitoring, and analyzing of all data in the pipeline.

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