eyeDES- Managing Risks Within Financial Transactions So Your Information Can Stay Safe | NewsWatch Review

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We live in a Big Data world with an exponential growth of data. It’s very difficult to figure out what the right information is to manage the business properly while also limiting risks. A.I. and machine learning can assist in figuring out the right decision to move forward.

Features Analytics is a Belgium-based technology company with presence in the United States. With their unique Streamlined Machine Learning technology, eyeDES, is specifically geared to manage risks in financial transactions.

The platform provides a real-time processing system that can detect fraudulent activity at the very moment of purchase. eyeDES has, not only developed one single model, but multiple models to address various data segments and business channels within the organization.

Fraud spreads rapidly. Features Analytics provides eyeDES streamlined machine learning that catches fraud before it even evolves.

With eyeDES, Features Analytics develops machine learning predictive models that evolve continuously with the data helping to offer real-time answers.

Once ready, they can be deployed in a matter of seconds on the eyeDES platform.
The predictive models can discover payment fraud, detect and prevent non-compliant activities like money laundering schemes and Stock or FX financial market manipulations.

eyeDES machine learning technology is based on adding self-learning features to your data while also using a unique combination of advanced algorithms to classify the data into categories and detect anomalies, thus detecting suspicious transactions, explaining them and delivering stability to the system.

The eyeDES platform offers instant implementation of various predictive models and supplements the multiple needs of your business.

When you work with eyeDES, it will increase your team confidence in your risk management decisions and improve financial performance.

With a financial system that has time and time again proven to be vulnerable Features Analytics is a compelling solution to protect our transactions. For more information visit features-analytics.com today.