Ethercan Light HS – Access CAN Data over a Network Through Ethernet | NewsWatch Review

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CAN is the industry standard in the automotive industry for connecting to in-vehicle networks. But this robust system is also used in other industries for industrial communications. Until now, accessing the data from this system has been a bit cumbersome. But now there’s a way to access CAN data over a network through Ethernet.

The Kvaser Ethercan Light HS is a CAN to Ethernet interface that when linked over the internet to an Ethernet-equipped PC, allows CAN data to be remotely accessed anywhere in the world.

The Ethercan Light HS CAN to Ethernet interface facilitates the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept within modern manufacturing environments by enabling data from any CAN product.

Features of The Ethercan Light HS include:

  • High-speed CAN connection
  • Small, lightweight plastic housing with galvanic isolation
  • 100% compatible with applications written for other Kvaser CAN hardware
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) – receives data and power over the Ethernet cable

This is something that is obviously impossible with a simple USB connection.

This compact light device makes it easy to implement the Internet of Things concept by enabling data from any CAN product or system to be sent over a corporate network or cloud server using the Kvaser API.

Other features you can expect from Ethercan Light HS

  • Setting it up is easy with just a simple plug
  • Easy to reset
  • Accessible from the next room or the next continent
  • Compatible with standards you use such as J1939, CANopen, NMEA and DeviceNet

Now, the Ethercan is primarily used in the auto industry, but it has wide application in other sectors including aerospace, defense, medical devices, and robotics.

The device is uniquely designed to resist large-scale vibrations which comes in hand in any of these industries where large machinery is in play.

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