Spellbooks – Unique Leather Bound Gaming Boxes | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re into gaming of the real-world variety, meaning not video games, then you’ll like this next one.

Elderwood Academy was founded by Quentin Weir and Dan Reiss in an effort to help lovers of games immerse themselves even further.

They started with Hex Chest dice boxes, beautifully designed wooden dice boxes customizable to the player.

Now they’ve taken it to the next level with Spellbooks.

Spellbooks are made-to-order gaming boxes handcrafted to embody ancient arcane tomes.
They come in two styles: card deck and rolling tray.

First, it’s cut from a single block of hardwood and then bound in real leather with art foil-pressed into it, creating a unique piece.

What you can expect with Spellbooks:

  • Each spellbook is customized according to your wants. You start off deciding what type of leather you’d like.
  • Made-to-order and cut with care from a single block of hardwood, your Spellbook will be bound in leather with art-foil pressed into it
  • Using natural, living materials, each Spellbook is an irreproducible individualized. Spellbooks are also accented with a metal Reflecting Pool that serves as a whiteboard to take notes.

Other products Elderwood Academy has in store?

  • Maple-Cherry Pinstripe Hex Chest Dice Box – featuring maple and cherry hardwood with dark wenge pinstripes for a stunning contrast.
  • Mahogany Pinstripe Hex Chest Dice Box – short-run series of Hex Chest dice boxes that feature mahogany wood with pinstripes of maple, walnut, and red heartwoods.Next, you choose the foil-pressed art you’d like on the cover. You can choose anything from a dragon to a sword, to nothing at all if you want to keep it mysterious.

The design continues from there.

You can add text to the spine, choose the base wood, trim and reflecting pool, interior style, and even the Spellbook depth.

Spellbooks are made-to-order and can take 4 weeks to craft.

For more information or to order your own one-of-a-kind spellbook visit elderwoodacademy.com today.