Reputed to be the most advanced VPN on the market, NordVPN has certainly won its share of devotees willing to testify to its hands-down superiority. Its reviews are nearly unanimously excellent, and in most of its bullet-point breakdowns, its pros by far outnumber the cons. Security strength, ease of usability, and range of features are among the most visibly praised aspects of NordVPN, with its numerous under-the-hood options garnering their own share of hard-won applause.

Indeed, in nearly every scenario, NordVPN appears to more than deserve the prestige it has amassed in half a decade of protecting its customers’ Internet anonymity.

The VPN’s list of specs is as extensive as it is formidable. One of the things users love most about the provider is how easy it is to use, with an equally streamlined app for iPhone/iPad that spares no expense in terms of security. Its double data, 2048-bit SSL encryption virtually makes it two VPNs rolled into one, and its expansive 955 worldwide server locations in 55 countries (every continent except Antarctica) positions the VPN well ahead of the curve.

NordVPN is very confident of its attributes outlining them on its website and detailing in twelve points why it’s the best VPN for your money. The service has the usual array of quality VPN features, of course — strict no-log policy, fast speeds, the coveted kill switch — but unlike some other VPN services, NordVPN’s list of benefits doesn’t end with the basics.

The option of 3072-bit encryption is available, up to six simultaneous connections can be made, and since NordVPN is based in Panama, its domain falls well outside of the jurisdiction of the “14 eyes” group of countries that regularly exchange security information. Top5 VPN’s team tested its speeds through declared military-grade protection and outlined NordVPN’s pros & cons in which their service came out shining

Getting started with NordVPN is as easy as using it. The app can be found in the Apple App Store by using the search toolbar in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then entering the name of the VPN.

After this, proceed by downloading the program.

Then select the installation package that best meets your security needs.






Run the installed client and click the switch at the top of the window to select the server that will be most efficient given your specific location. Alternatively, you can choose a country from the map provided, at which point the client will select the appropriate server to use. The Android version even lets you click and hold a location to access its server list and view the load statistic details.

If you can’t make up your mind where the best connection is, just go to the bottom left of the interface and click the Connection Wizard. From there you can choose everything you want from the menu provided, up to and including options for streaming, security, anonymity, and P2P. NordVPN will then recommend a country based on these choices. For example, while the UK might excel on the anonymity scale, the Netherlands rates higher on the file sharing spectrum. Moreover, if you’re traveling in a different country, the VPN’s suggestions will be customized to the applicable network load and location.

Since 2012, NordVPN has been protecting its users’ online security and anonymity. Due to its high standards of excellence, it has earned a reputation of being among the world’s premiere VPN providers, both in the home and workplace networks.

There are now over 200,000 people who use NordVPN, and from the  high level of customer satisfaction we predicts that this VPN will only continue to grow as rapidly as it has since it was first launched. This popularity goes far in explaining why it was a PCMag #1 Editor’s Choice winner, and why so many customer reviews praise it as the best VPN available today.