Go Fan Yourself – Keep Your Cool with LED Lighting and Recirculation Fans | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

You wouldn’t buy a water faucet without both hot and cold water, right? Well, now you’re not going to want an LED light without a fan.

ReCircuLite combines two products, recirculation fans and an LED light fixture, to make otherwise stuffy rooms, comfortable.

This product is a combination LED light fixture and recirculation fan all in one. It helps to alleviate stuffy rooms so working/living conditions aren’t unbearable. In addition, ReCircuLite’s objective is to provide reliable, quality light source while not needing a separate fan.

The benefits of ReCircuLite:

  • Helps reduce the hot and cold spots within offices, retail spaces, and anywhere there’s a drop ceiling
  • Improves poor airflow and ventilation
  • Helps to reduce condensation/moisture that produces mold
  • Doesn’t require connection to an HVAC system
  • Provides a high-quality LED lighting solution
  • Extends the life of LED components through thermal management qualities

The features of ReCircuLite:

  • Five, 4” fans per lighting fixture
  • Airflow: 750 CFM at 5400 RPM
  • Long lasting: 100,000-hour life at 35 C
  • Quiet operation: 30 +/-dB
  • High-quality fully dimmable LED lighting

Go Fan Yourself manufactures products that are truly revolutionary which provide tremendous value to its customers. That’s what makes us different and we believe different is cool.

ReCircuLite was designed to enhance air movement and air quality combined with LED Lighting for those spaces that experience unbalanced and uncomfortable air temperatures. ReCircuLite also helps to reduce a condition known as sick building syndrome which is prevalent in close to 30% of the buildings today.

ReCircuLite can help improve your living or work environment with just a simple installation and benefit to its two-in-one combo.

In addition to ReCircuLite, Go Fan Yourself also offers the following products:

  • Z-Tech Fan
  • Z-Tech3 Fan
  • Z-Chill Fan & Diffuser System
  • Taz Fan

So if you want to keep your cool and would like to learn more about the ReCircuLite, head to gofanyourself.com today.