Christina Hansen Organics – 100% Organic, Gluten, and Dairy-Free Food for Kids | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Christina Hansen made her way into the organic food making business when she discovered her two children were suffering from food sensitivities and allergies.

She decided to take it upon herself to make 100 percent organic, gluten, and dairy-free food so that kids have a real fighting chance to be healthy and happy. Her product is a Danish premium organic food company that offers a comprehensive, assortment of organic gluten and dairy-free formulas baby porridges.

She started humbly making her products in a little food processor in the basement of her home. But within a few short months, demand for her health-conscious food forced her to find larger facilities.

The mission of Christina Hansen Organics is simple: To offer babies, toddlers and their parents authentic, organic products to help inspire a lifelong love of good food.

All ingredients from her line, called Woodland Wonders, are procured from certified organic growers with no preservatives or manufactured ingredients tolerated.

Some of the products you can find when browsing Christina’s website online are:

  • Banana flakes, organic
  • Berry Nice, organic baby porridge
  • Fresh garden, organic baby porridge
  • Organic baby porridge with apple, carrots & kale
  • Organic baby porridge with banana, coconut & criollo cacao
  • And more

Their popular porridge is made up of real food with no additives or artificial flavorings and because of its textured consistency, it’s perfect for stimulating your baby’s motor skills.

Additional gourmet ingredients used in their products include kale, porcini mushrooms, Criollo cacao, and real bourbon vanilla.

In the autumn of 2017, Christina Hansen will be launching a new brand called Smiley Rainbow. This product will feature baby cereals that are made with the finest 100% organic ingredients. The baby cereals are minimally processed and made only of special ingredients to ensure the cleanest recipes are delivered.

For more information or to purchase their organic and GMO-free food products head over to today.