Stock Circles – Auto Trade with Intelligence | NewsWatch Review


Investing and trading are about to get a lot better to a browser near you. With recent advances in technology, self-driving trading robots are coming of age.

Stock Circles’ smart auto trading is one of the first A-I robots that ‘trades on the new’ by listening to traders’ social media to figure out where the action is. This artificial intelligence trading technology simplifies stock investing by automating stock screening and trading based on your carefully crafted strategy.

Smart Auto-Trading lets you take advantage of A-I investing without requiring you to know much about trading. Its simple interface allows you to build your own strategy and lets you start trading within minutes.

Its free simulation mode allows you to experience exactly what self-driving trading tech can do for you without risking your money.

How does it work?

  • Register
  • Set up your trading strategy
  • Start simulation or trading mode
  • Monitor your performance

Stock Circles aims to help busy investors, new or advanced, benefit from the latest in technology while making stock investing easy.

After three years in training, Smart Auto-Trading is now ready for primetime. Blue chips stock trading, long, short and hybrid strategies allow the robot to auto-trade your carefully crafted strategy under any market conditions.

Instead of spending hours and hours monitoring the market and trading, you can make the app think and work for you.

Stock Circles’ mission is to simplify stock investing and in order to achieve this goal, it has created an artificial intelligence trading application designed to eliminate the work involved in screening and trading stocks. In addition, Stock Circles’ algorithmic trading system monitors and trades elite stocks listed on the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Dow 30 exclusively.

With everything going the way of Artificial Intelligence, Smart Auto-Trading gives you access to self-driving active trading today. Get started for free with this browser-based app by visiting today.