Creature Quest – Strategic and In-Depth Gameplay | NewsWatch Review


If you’re looking for more strategy and depth in your gameplay then Creature Quest is right up your alley.

Creature Quest will satisfy your sense of adventure while hooking you with turn-based battles fit for a king.

You start off with a team of five creatures as you begin your adventure battling hundreds of other creatures in an all-out war.

Collect creatures to create stronger armies as part of your strategy for conquest.
Discover treasure, gems, and tokens and use them to evolve your Creatures, and summon new ones.

What you can expect from this collectible strategy RPG who also created Might & Magic:

  • Explore ever-changing maps and overcome obstacles to discover treasure
  • Collect and upgrade over 500 adventure seeking fantasy creatures
  • Play in strategic battles that help you wield powerful abilities
  • Guilds that provide unique PvP awards and that allow you to chat with Guild mates
  • Daily events that include quests, rewards, challenges, and creatures

Continue to upgrade and unlock new powerful magic spells and unique Creature abilities.
Battles are fast-paced and fun. Just swipe across the screen to battle quickly and easily or use strategy to pace yourself.

Immerse yourself in this fast paced RPG battle that provides fun and strategy all in one. Grow your collection of creatures and create stronger teams according to your strategy.

Quests allow you to explore new realms and treasures while you battle dragons and other nefarious creatures.

Progress up the levels in the Battle Tower to gain rewards and grow your creature collection.
Finally, the Dungeon Challenge allows you to build your very own dungeon and attack rival dungeons as you climb up the PvP leaderboard.

Marked one of the best new games of 2017, Creature Quest is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Head to your respective app store or today.