BardCanvas – An Optimized and Open Source Content Management System | NewsWatch Review

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Content Management Systems like WordPress are a great way to create and host websites, blogs, and other forums. But often you need an ungodly amount of RAM in your server to handle the incoming traffic.

BardCanvas is an open source content management system that’s been built from the ground up with optimization in mind. It’s a multi-purpose engine created in PHP that works on a LAMP environment.

  • Features BardCanvas provides are:
  • Faster so it consumes a lot less RAM
  • Uses many open source frameworks and utilities
  • Uses a templating system that is easy to comprehend
  • Contains an integrated interface so administrative pages look similar to regular pages, reducing confusion caused by separate templates
  • Universal settings editor
  • Code is easy to understand
  • And more

You don’t need high specs on your web server to use this convenient alternative platform. It can run on cheap virtual servers and host moderately sized communities without buckling.
While BardCanvas is commonly used to host websites and blogs, the open sourced engine can be extended to do just about anything. For example, Triklet Help Desk Software was even built on this engine.

Now taking convenience a step forward, BardCanvas is incredibly simple to use allowing you to create solid, usable platforms.

But that doesn’t mean you’re locked into set patterns and immovable templates.
On the contrary, heavy customization is encouraged and easier than on other competitive engines.

SEO support is built into it as well and all templates adapt to multiple devices including smartphones and tablets.

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