EduCycle – A Fun Way to Learn About Climate Change | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Climate change is one of those hot-button topics that is only fully understood after education and enlightenment. If you can’t understand climate change, you can’t beat it. In order to make better, sustainable choices we first need to learn how.

That’s why renewable energy company, Neste created EduCycle.

By combining data from thousands of climate studies and funneling them into a full-fledged game, Neste has tackled the problem of how to make learning about climate change interesting.

By taking advantage of augmented reality and digital game logic, EduCycle simulates choices concerning energy, food, and traffic that affects global carbon emission levels.
The game requires a physical map board, 3D printed markers, and the EduCycle mobile app on an iPad.

When looking at the map through the app the outcomes of your decisions are brought to life in a virtual city.

In that way, you can see real-life consequences right before your very eyes, based on your choices. Every result and effect is based on the environmental science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Sustainable alternatives already exist and by spreading awareness with EduCycle we can inspire others to choose a better future. Visit for more information.